Are Cedar Shake Roofs Good?
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Are Cedar Shake Roofs Good?

Cedar shake roofs are a great option for homeowners looking to add value, natural beauty, and curb appeal to their home through roofing while reducing energy bills. Cedar shake roofing is also environmentally friendly because it does not use any chemicals in the installation process. The natural oils of the cedar wood make them resistant to mold, rot, and insects which means they will last for years with regular maintenance. There are many benefits that come with installing cedar roofing on your house!


What Are Cedar Shake Roofs?

Cedar shake roofs are a type of roofing material made from the bark of Western Red cedar trees . Cedar shake roofs are most often found in the eastern United States, but they can also be found throughout Canada.

The cedar tree’s bark is harvested and cut into thin pieces called shakes or shingles for roof use. The process of harvesting these materials produces a sustainable harvest that provides shelter while maintaining healthy forests.

Cedar shake roofs provide many benefits to homeowners: They offer an architectural style without being too expensive; they reduce ice buildup from snowfall which causes damage to other types of roof coverings; they are not damaged by excessive sun exposure like asphalt tile roofs – so there is no need for resealing with tar every few years as long as it doesn’t reach 300 degrees Fahrenheit during peak hours typical temperature ranges are from 80 degrees to 120 degrees Fahrenheit); they are durable and last for a long time.

Cedar also provides a unique curb appeal and natural beauty to homes, increasing the value of the property satisfaction with the home.

The disadvantages to cedar shake roofs and cedar roofing are that they can be difficult to install, but this is true for any type of roofing. They also require more maintenance than asphalt tile roofs because the wood needs periodic refinishing or replacement; and where a homeowner lives affects how often it will need work – in some areas cedar shakes may last less than 50 years.

The most common type is called “hand-split” cedar, which is created by splitting thick logs into thin layers with an ax or saw – and this is the type that most people think of when they hear “cedar shake.” This style of roofing has been used for over a hundred years to cover cottages in coastal areas.

Cedar shakes are one of the newest roofing options, first appearing in North America around 1850 – but not becoming popular until after World War I due to but not becoming popular until after World War I due to shortages of other materials.

Cedar shakes are made from cedar wood, which is very durable and rot-resistant; it’s also lightweight – so they don’t need a heavy framework to support them like shingles do – making installation cheaper and easier. They’re more expensive than asphalt tiles or metal roofing, but there’s no maintenance required, and they last between 30-50 years.

Cedar shake roofs are not good for homes in coastal areas or other places that experience high humidity. They’re popular with homeowners who want a natural looking roof without the upkeep required by shingles – but don’t expect to find them in urban environments due to their weight and height restrictions.

Cedar Shingles Pros and Cons Overview. Should You Use Cedar For Your Roofing Needs?

The father and son roofing team wants to help you with your decision of whether or not cedar is the best roof for your home. A cedar roof have many benefits, but they also come with some disadvantages that may make them a poor choice for your home. Read on to find out the pros and cons of using cedar for your roof.

The Pros to Cedar Roofing

Cedar shake roofing is a popular option for homeowners because it offers so many benefits. Cedar roofs are an environmentally friendly choice because they do not use any chemicals during the installation process and the natural oils in the wood make them resistant to mold, rot, and insects.

This means that they will last for years if properly maintained. Cedar roofs are also a beautiful addition to any home and can be designed in many different colors, shapes, textures – whatever the homeowner wants!


The Cons of Cedar Roofing

There are also some cons, or drawbacks, to using cedar shake roofing. Cedar roofs can be more expensive than other roofing materials because of the quality and design that goes into them. Cedar shakes also have a shorter life span, so they will need to be replaced at some point in time. Cedar shake roofs can have trouble standing up to high winds and they often lack durability, which is what homeowners need when these natural disasters strike their area. This is especially true if you live near or in an area with frequent heavy rainfall and strong winds (such as with hurricanes) as this may cause leaks and wind damage to your roof.


The only way a homeowner will know if cedar roofing would be good for them, is by doing some research.

The cons of cedar roofing are the same as any other type of roofing material on the market today – it all depends on what each homeowner wants and needs in their home!

Another downside for cedar roofing is their lack of protection against fire. Firefighters must be aware when fighting fires on structures with this type of roof though because even if the exterior combusts, there will still be sections hidden underneath where firefighters can go in and put out flames without fear for collapse as long as water continues to pour down from above

Energy Efficiency And Insulation of Cedar Roofing

Cedar shake roofing can be much more energy efficient than other roofing materials. The wood is much denser than some other roofing materials, which means it takes more effort to make the cedar shake release its stored warmth. Cedar shakes also have a natural insulating property and they are not damaged by snow or ice accumulation.

Using this type of roofing can help significantly cut down on energy costs through better and more efficient roof insulation.


How much does a cedar shake roof cost

A single square foot of cedar shake roofing may cost between $40 and $60.

The average home will require around three acres for a full replacement, so this would come to about $1500-3000 total.

How long should a cedar roofing last

You can expect a cedar roof to last anywhere from 20-50 years, depending on the quality and design that goes into them when they are installed.

One thing worth noting is that cedar is more susceptible to damage than other materials like asphalt shingles or metal roofing because they lack a protective covering.

This means you’ll need to be extra careful when it comes to inclement weather conditions such as hail and heavy winds.


Wood Shingles VS Cedar Shakes Roofing

There are several differences between wood shingles and cedar roofing.

One of the major differences is cost. Cedar will typically cost more than wood shingles because they’re made from a natural material and must be handcrafted, which drives up their price.

Wooden shakes can also last longer than shingles that are manufactured with chemicals since they won’t fade or discolor as quickly over time due to long-term exposure to heat and sunlight.

The finishing process on shingles often exposes areas where water may enter your roof structure after it falls through gaps in the surface during rainfall events, especially if you have high levels of humidity in your region like many parts of the Southwest US do. This means wooden shake roofs would be better for those who experience high rates of rainfalls throughout the year

Is This A Good Choice For Roofing For Most Homes?

Roofing is a necessary part of home ownership, but it can be overwhelming when you have to choose what material will best suit your needs. Luckily, there are plenty of options available for roofing materials and choosing the right one for your situation doesn’t need to be difficult. One great option that many homeowners love is cedar shingle roofs. Cedar roofing is environmentally friendly and offers savings on energy bills through great insulation, but is a poor choice for homes that encounter inclement weather and is more expensive to install and maintain.


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