We are a Family Owned and Operated Business, We Service all Types of Roofing Projects to better fit your current roof's need's. Are you Tired of hiring people to stop a leak that has been giving you nothing but problems on a flat rubber roof. We At Father & Son has been running into situations that Contractors or individuals would go on top of the rubber roof and have it laid out and spread on top of seams (Roof Cement or liquid Nail) Which is the improper way of doing a rubber roof patch, Roof Section, or Roof Insulation.

The proper way is to heat up the roll with the roof torch, (from left to right), And Once the area of the roll has been laid Out, All the seams will be lifted with a small Roofer's Edger and Heat under the seams. Then go over the roof seam with the touch and the roofer's edge over on top of the seam and have the liquid rubber ooz from the seam and run the roofer's edge over the ooz and from end to end of the seam. Thats the trick to the proper way of installing a rubber roof patch, Rubber section or Rubber roof. That way the roof will be inter-locked to the section being repaired or replaced. And no water will enter these seams with the proper way of doing a repair or replacement.

A lot of people don't use a roofer torch where they are supposed to use it on, So the next time your looking to get your commercial roof completed, We will be more than happy to take care of all your roofing need's

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